AgencyBooker is a Hybrid-Cloud Booking System for Model, Talent & Artist Agencies.

Take the hassle out of managing your agency’s model, talent and artist profiles, imaging, and booking with our smart application!

AgencyBooker is a fast, functional, hybrid-cloud-based, web-enabled, and mobile-responsive booking system, that is priced right for your agency.

AgencyBooker is available as a cross-platform (Mac or PC) smart application, and a mobile (iPad) app, all connected to the cloud (dedicated or mutualized “SaaS”).

Display your agency’s profiles, books and packages beautifully on any desktop or iPad, via the Web, or in your clients’ office…

Six Key Functional Areas of AgencyBooker:

  • BOOKING = Revenue / Engine / Fast / Fabulous!
  • IMAGING = Portfolio / Books / Management
  • WEBSITE = Site / Create / Upload / Content / Management
  • MODEL = Manage /Profile / Records / Statistics / Information
  • CLIENT = Manage / Active / Prospect / Mother Agency / Sales / CRM
  • BLINK = Booking LINK to Agency Management & Accounting (AgencyManager)

We enable agents/bookers to book models, talent and artists and close business – fast and fabulous – wherever you are, and whenever you want!

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